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Cologne Brauhaus Pub Trails

Cologne Brauhaus Pub Trails
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Sociable walks through the city's beer culture. This new, expanded edition of the successful... mehr
"Cologne Brauhaus Pub Trails"

Sociable walks through the city's beer culture.
This new, expanded edition of the successful series on the Cologne Brauhaus Trail has been comprehensively revised, and extended through the addition of the western city centre. On four walks - through the Old Town, the western city centre, the northern and the southern parts of historic Cologne - you will not only discover well-known and less known Brauhaus Pubs, but will also be spirited away into hidden corners, alleys and courtyards and learn many details about the city's past that are not found in every history book. And the old Brauhaus pubs that have now disappeared also have their stories to tell...
Let us show you Cologne's world and way of life. Whether you try dishes such as blood sausage, Sauerbraten and beans with bacon, or sample some of the 24 kinds of Kölsch beer, the traditional flavours of the city will tickle your taste buds. On top of that you will learn a great deal about top-fermented Kölsch beer, its history and breweries, and you will see the sights that lie along the way.

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